• Emergency Plumbing, Sanitary & Electrical Services
    Plumbing & Sanitary Services in Uttara Dhaka


Plumbing & Sanitary Services

Our well trained and experienced master plumbers, technicians and crews will take care of your home, office, commercial businesses and construction projects. We only send reliable experts to fix all types of re-piping, piping and plumbing systems. We provide water supply, sewer & drainage and natural gas supply systems services to all of the greater Uttara and surrounding areas.


Electrical Repair & Installations

At Uttara Plumbing we are proving all kinds of simple to complex electrical services in Uttara and surrounding areas. We strive to do the job efficiently right the very first time. Our team of expert electricians and technicians who have years of experience working at the highest level both in-home and abroad will take care of your job.


Our professional technicians are experts in repairing and maintaining gas & electric stove, surface burner, oven burner, pilot light, gas odor, weak or noisy flame. They also change gas connections, replace worn-out pipes, install risers and regulators to increase or control the supply of gas. We also fix all types of kitchen hoods, ventilators and exhaust fan.


This website is under maintenance. We will start all our business operations to provide services for our valued customers in 2023.

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