Commercial Plumbing Services


Our commercial plumbing services cover offices, hotels & restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, schools. mosques, factories, highrises, multi-stories, apartment buildings and more.


The requirements for commercial plumbing are more complex than residential plumbing because of the size, level of risk, health issues, the potential for damages, efficiency, commercial building code of conduct and regulations.

Important commercial plumbing requirements include:

    • Commercial buildings in major cities, the amount of water wasted from pipe leaks in any given year is millions of liters more than the residential houses which contribute to property damage, disruptions in business operations, hefty water bills and wasted national resources.

    • Pipes, faucets and fixtures need to be more durable to support water supply systems, numerous toilets, sinks and outlets for multiple floors, especially in high rise commercial building structures.

    • The size and grading of the pipes and fixtures differ from residential systems that need to provide support for a large number of employees and visitors in commercial plumbing systems.

    • Water pressure must be taken into considerations in high rise buildings. Pressure needs to be strong enough to keep the whole plumbing system running smoothly.

    • Commercial plumbing projects should only be handled by those plumbers who are very well trained, experienced and specialized in the complexities of commercial plumbing services.

    • Commercial plumbers have to be ready to deal with the high risk of damages to commercial buildings where the level of the disaster from a clogged or a burst pipe can affect a large number of people.

    • Businesses are required to comply with standard plumbing hygiene practices. Plumbers must follow strict health care laws and ensure high hygiene of their plumbing services specifically for hospitals, restaurants or food & beverage business establishments.

    • PVC pipes are prohibited by most commercial building codes. PEX, copper and stainless steel pipes should be used to supply more water and for their durability and resistance to corrosion. Consequently, these piping materials increase the longevity of the drainage systems in commercial high rise buildings.

    • Multi-story buildings plumbing systems require regular routine maintenance and short response time during any emergencies. Repair, maintenance and service calls may have to be done in specific times of the day or night so that normal business hour operations don’t get disrupted in shopping malls, office buildings, high rises, etc.

    • High rise buildings plumbing systems have specific needs in the pressure control, venting, sanitary and drainage.


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